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Jim Stalker

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50 Reflections

Perhaps a little indulgent, but, I made a list of 50 things about myself, Jim Stalker. I have eaten cookie dough for breakfast. I proposed to my wife in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC, overlooking the Lion’s Gate Bridge, I got down on my knee (it was romantic). As a child, I performed as a ventriloquist. […]

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American Idol Problem – The Song’s the Thing

Originally published April 2011. The Internet is abuzz that this year’s contestants may be the weakest in American Idol history. The feeble field is actually good news for the stronger-voiced competitors, who can further differentiate themselves through deft song choices that compliment their vocal capabilities. The finalists can’t improve the technical components of their singing […]

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Self indulgent history

Early Years – New Jersey Born in Monmouth County New Jersey, I grew up the youngest of four siblings in the 300-year-old city of Eatontown. Eatontown was famous for its shopping mall (Monmouth Mall) and Army Base (Fort Monmouth). It is also notable for being close to the Jersey Shore towns of Red Bank, Asbury […]

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