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Jim Stalker

on the lookout for Mojo

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Dogs are amazing – they just don’t live long enough. When something arises out of nowhere that takes them down suddenly, it’s somber. This is especially difficult when they have been beautiful dogs. I think dogs are here to teach us – how to love, how to be unselfish, how to make tough decisions, and […]

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Jim Stalker – Granite Bay, CA

You have arrived at Jim Stalker’s personal website. That’s my wife Annette, our son Riley, and me several years ago. I’d post a more recent picture, but, only my wife and son look better today – me – I’ll stick with this vintage photo. This blog features some of my favorite and most personal posts. […]

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Gonzaga MA Thesis

I earned an MA in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University in May 2010. Gonzaga is most famous for their basketball team, the Bulldogs. It was an incredible experience that fulfilled a long-procrastinated goal to earn an advanced degree. The degree exposed me to new ideas and sparked my writing.  The program also got […]

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Are we still using resumes? You’d think by 2015 there would be something better.  There’s not. Today these have the added wrinkle of being gamed with keywords and nomenclature that help with the recruiter during the selection/sourcing process. My beef with resumes is that they do not provide an accurate snapshot of what the person is […]

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