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Jim Stalker is a site showcasing Jim’s professional experience and accomplishments. In addition to Jim’s CV, you can find his educational history, and some writing samples (including his Master’s Thesis).

Jim has worked in Enterprise sales for most of his career in hunting, farming, and hybrid roles where he developed and refined the hundreds of skills required to perform at a high level in those roles. is a WordPress site built by Jim using Guttenberg and the Neve theme. We hope you enjoy it.



About Jim

Not only does Jim look enigmatically off into the distance, but Jim also writes in the third person. We can all agree using the third person makes him (or anyone) sound slightly more important.

As a working professional, Jim is recognized for his refined business acumen developed across decades of managing some of the world’s best known global businesses and national brands. During his career, Jim has worked with Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Salesforce, McKesson, Dell, and Kaiser (to name a few).


My Side Hustle

Jim has a BA in Philosophy and a Master’s in Communication. These degrees inform his hobby of contributing to several blogs and online forums like LinkedIn, Medium, Ghost, and Quora.

“My Side Hustle” is his most read LinkedIn post and provides a vivid illustration of Jim’s passion for exercise and encouraging others with his positive energy.