Introduction: A Lifelong Journey in Fitness Instruction

My journey as a group-exercise fitness instructor has spanned my entire adult life, taking me to various cities and leading me to teach over 7,500 classes. This avocation, my passionate side hustle, has been a fulfilling counterbalance to my career in sales.

The Flashdance Era of Fitness

My dual life echoed the storyline of “Flashdance,” but instead of being a welder and dancer, I led a double life as a sales executive by day and a fitness instructor by night. In the fitness world, I developed a substantial following, reminiscent of the aerobics craze of the era, a stark contrast to my professional demeanor in the corporate world.

A Dichotomy of Roles

My daily life presented a dichotomy: the professional restraint of enterprise sales by day and the exuberant energy of leading high-intensity fitness classes by night. This balance allowed me to experience the best of both worlds, using each role to offset the challenges of the other.

Finding Balance and Meaning

My side hustle in fitness not only provided a physical and emotional outlet but also added meaningfulness to my life. Tough days at the office were mitigated by the rewarding experience of teaching classes. The satisfaction of helping people stay in shape complemented the more routine aspects of my day job.

Transition and Ongoing Passion

As trends in fitness evolved, my classes might not have retained their earlier popularity, but the joy and fulfillment remained. Continuing to teach, albeit to smaller classes, has been a rewarding part of my life, fostering creativity, people skills, and personal fitness.

The Rise of Side Hustles

In recent years, side hustles have become more recognized and celebrated, often seen as a sign of a person’s versatility and drive. My own experience with a side hustle has become a more comfortable topic of conversation, revealing the depth and diversity of my interests and skills.

Conclusion: The Value of a Side Hustle

A good side hustle can be a protective buffer against life’s challenges, both in and out of the workplace. It brings balance, joy, and a sense of fulfillment that complements one’s primary career. I hope others find their side hustles as rewarding as I have found mine in fitness instruction.

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