I earned an MA in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University in May 2010. Gonzaga is most famous for their basketball team, the Bulldogs.

It was an incredible experience that fulfilled a long-procrastinated goal to earn an advanced degree.

The degree exposed me to new ideas and sparked my writing.  The program also got me blogging and more intimately involved with social media.

I would earn a degree from Gonzaga again and thoroughly recommend the program without reservation.

I wrote my thesis about Facebook and how its mass adoption conforms to Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation S-Curve.

Writing this thesis was one of the more complicated things I have done. Not sure what that says about how hard I have challenged myself in my life – nevertheless, it was difficult.

Even though the thesis is nothing extraordinary, completing it was something that required sustained discipline and focus. For that, I am proud.

I suspect no one would want to read it as these are primarily degree-earning vehicles and nothing more.

But I did write one, and here it is! Proof!

My MA Thesis

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