Halloween Spending

Today’s Halloween, rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, holds the title of being one of the most commercial holidays in the United States, following closely behind Christmas. Recent surveys show that spending for this holiday has seen a massive uptick. On average, an American is expected to spend around $185.50 on Halloween festivities. Here’s how it generally divides: 41% ($76.05) on candy, 36% on costumes, and the remaining 23% on decorations.

The Stalker family, for one, plans to utilize the entire budget by delighting kids with full-sized candy bars! Oh, and not to forget, a portion went to some whimsical dog costumes.

Why Hershey

The sheer joy and genuine surprise on children’s faces upon receiving a full-sized candy bar are moments to treasure. Over time, after trying out various brands, we’ve settled on the classic Hershey Bar. Recognizable by its packaging and weight, the Hershey Bar is universally loved and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

The Back Story

This tradition dates back to my childhood. I made a promise to my younger self that once I grew up and had the means, I’d be the Halloween hero, not resorting to the generic pennies, popcorn balls, or candy corn handouts. Instead of the sought-after M & Ms, Reese’s, or Sweet Tarts, we’d often end up with the less popular candy choices.

A Nearly Perfect Idea, Almost Spoiled!

Just as I was outgrowing my trick-or-treating days, someone in the neighborhood began distributing full-sized candy bars. To our dismay, they chose Mounds! It was like giving out gold bars made of fool’s gold. This experience introduced me to the nuances of irony.

Our Turn

When the time came, I was determined to right this wrong and made sure our house was the go-to for the best treats. And for a while, it was. Until a neighbor decided to up the ante by handing out even larger, King-Sized candy bars. Thus began the neighborhood candy wars.

Setting Boundaries

Eventually, we had to draw the line. Competing in the candy wars was proving to be unsustainable. While a few other families joined in on the full-sized trend, we realized the essence of the festivity was being overshadowed by the competition.

Present Year

This year, marking over a decade and a half of our tradition, we’re sticking to our trusty full-sized Hershey Bars. So, if you’re considering leveling up your candy game, go for it! The smiles you’ll witness are priceless. Just hope that today’s kids, dressed as the latest viral game or pop culture characters, appreciate the classic charm of a Hershey bar.

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